KEFIRSAN, we keep innovating

In Bionsan we keep innovating day by day New product KEFIRSAN is a probiotic drink that results from the fermentation of a water kefir bacterium that becomes a pleasant refreshing and healthy refreshment. With, moreover, a choice of different flavors: natural, lemon,...

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Promotion Superfoods Bionsan

Some of our best known products are superfoods. In our current catalog we have a variety of them: Açai, Hemp Seeds, Camu Camu, Baobab, Cinnamon, Aguaymanto, Pea Protein, Turmeric, Turmeric with black pepper, Moringa, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, Maca,...

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Visit our facilities

  We invite all our dear friends and clients to visit our facilities, where we will offer a tasting of our products to all those who are intereasados (prior notice in our offices).

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Renewable energy

  Renewable energies applied to the Organic Agro-Food Industry Solar Photovoltaic all the illumination of the administrative and social areas. Solar Thermal for all the hot water consumption of the industry. Wind Energy two wind turbines with a power...

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New production systems

  Controlled atmosphere Packaging of cereals, legumes, nuts, flours, cous-cous, etc. With the Controlled Atmosphere system. At the time of packaging of the product the packaging machine introduces oxygen into the interior of the bag with which the...

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Competitiveness of Bionsan products

  In BIONSAN we are still betting on the COMPETITIVENESS of our products made and / or packaged in our newly inaugurated facilities and work rooms. THE FOOD SECURITY that we can give to our elaborados is our great obsession in the day to day. Likewise...

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Suscríbete ya a nuestro curso y empieza a cuidarte de verdad

Política de Privacidad

Sólo falta un último paso para que puedas recibir nuestro curso de salud intestinal. Te hemos enviado un correo electrónico con un link de confirmación en el que debes hacer click para completar el proceso de alta en nuestra lista de correo. En caso de que no lo hayas recibido, verifica tu bandeja de correo no deseado. También te recomendamos que añadas nuestro email a tus contactos, para que recibas correctamente el curso.

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