Ecological ~ healthy

Natural organic products since 1987

We are committed to a healthy, vegetarian, ecological, proximity

We want a sustainable world with clean and renewable energies

Proximity foods


Healthy vegetarian foods


Vegan foods


Certified organic food



Cereals, legumes, rice, seeds

Ready meals

Derived from the olive

Proximity foods
Cereals, legumes, seeds, ready meals

Since 1987 at Bionsan we are working under the guideline and influence of thought

“Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food,” said Hippocrates

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Our origin and rural and agricultural origin has provided us with knowledge of agricultural raw materials and the products we produce, pack and market
A healthy and high quality food, as our customers and consumers have been recognizing, quality that we maintain and control day by day
Bionsan has been the founder and defender of an official regulation for organic food

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